Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top 5 Places You Want To Visit

Pretty self-explanatory, but the assumption for this list is that money is no restriction - just assume that the trip is taken care of and you have a reasonable, tourist-y budget.

Dan’s Top 5:

1. Adelaide, Australia - I want to go to Australia in general, just because it seems like such a cool place. I want to go to Adelaide specifically because it's not one that you typically think of right away, and my thesis advisor studied there long ago. I may therefore get the chance to meet some people at his old university in the field of acoustics. And if I'm lucky, my American accent will help me nab an Aussie chick while I'm there.

2. London, England - Yes, I know I've been there before, but damn, did I have a good time. And I could have spent a month there and not have done enough to satisfy me. Of course, I'm enough of an Anglophile that I could just ride the London Underground all day and be satisfied. Last time, I saw the Queen. This time, I want to bump into Stephen Merchant.

3. Tokyo, Japan - Since my friend is off teaching Japanese schoolchildren English at the moment, I figure that if I went to Japan, I could probably get hold of him and we could run riot in Tokyo for a weekend. If even Sofia Coppola can make this city seem interesting, then you know it's got to be good.

4. Niagara Falls, Canada/U.S. - I have been to Niagara Falls (and Toronto) once in high school, and I filled three whole rolls of film with pictures. I got them developed and they were all grey. So this is probably just an excuse to get amazing pictures again, but I also want because it was the highlight of the trip and it's worth experiencing again.

5. Prague, The Czech Republic - I hear from absolutely every one of my European friends that this is likely the greatest city in all of Europe. I'm of course banking on the fact that I'll be able to track down my old acquaintance from the Czech Republic and he can show me around. If not, I may have to cut the trip short and go to Amsterdam for the hookers and pot.

Honorable Mention - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (again, hookers and pot.)

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