Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Months

Kind of an odd one, but why not? We continue our march to ranking everything...

Ryan's Top 5:

1. December - This summer did it for me. I used to cheer for summer in the winter and vice versa; fuck it. I am sick of heat. I want cold and I want it all the time. Also you get Christmas season and Christmas break.

2. November - You know what's weird, Thanksgiving used to be one of my least favorite holidays and now it's my second favorite. Man, do I enjoy breaks from work and eating food. Omaha around Thanksgiving is frigid but not too cold to be unbearable (we spent one Thanksgiving in North Dakota about five years ago--ugh).

3. April - A sports decision. You've got Baseball Opening Day, the NCAA Final Four, and the NFL Draft--the three best times of their respective sports.

4. October - Kind of a cheap response, but this is my birthday month (nicely-located on the First) and it's one month closer to Christmas break. Downside: I hate Halloween.

5. July - Well, summer break isn't all bad. I enjoy barbecues and watching baseball, usu. in an air-conditioned room.

Tim's Top 5:
1) December - This one looks like a consensus. It has Christmas, the best movies of the year are all in theaters, snow, and is in the middle of a string of holidays where I don't work. Yay holidays I don't work.

2) April - Opening day and the NFL Draft, April is the month where sports fanaticism reaches its apex. And for at least one month, I can be optimistic about both football and baseball. As of May 1, the pessimism (e.g., accurate perception) returns.

3) September - Happy birthday to me. The weather's pretty close to ideal, and in Ithaca, you had the smell of fall in the air. Alas, I don't think such smells are native to Delaware, but I'll give it a second chance this year. We also watch the wrap up of the MLB and the beginning of the football season. football.

4) November - Ohio State-Michigan, snow, Thanksgiving is a good holiday, particularly since Charlie arrived.

5) October - One of these years, there'll be a major league baseball playoff game worth watching. The weather's not bad, the days aren't ludicrously brief, and I've run out of reasons for any of these months.

Dan's Top 5:

1) December - Christmas and New Year's Eve obviously make this one good, but Virginia Tech also doesn't have a Fall break. Well, technically we do now, but it's just a Monday off in October or something. Not only is it lame, but it messes up the schedule. But that means that Thanksgiving Break is our true fall break, and there is only a week or two in December before exams. If you're like me, then you treat this as some of the most laid-back school ever. December is also the temporal home of 982 college football bowls.

2) March - Spring Break and March Madness. Occasionally Easter happens in March, but even if it does, the resurrection of Jesus comes in a distant third. I think I'm also the only one on this blog who's also still single, so I get to also make the claim that I love when the girls around campus start wearing their springtime clothes after months of nothing but jeans and sweatshirts.

3) October - College football is in full swing, having moved beyond most boring games in the first few weeks of the season, so you're going to see a few good conference games. Also the last month that there's a really good chance there won't be any snow in Blacksburg. Also, for some reason, a lot of cool stuff ends up happening to me personally around this time of year, like that one time I briefly got a girlfriend.

4) April - Also another Easter candidate, but more importantly the start of baseball season coming straight off the heels of the NCAA Championship game. The NFL draft is overhyped as all hell, but overall it's a great month, with weather becoming increasingly nice before you really start to feel the heat.

5) January - The month of my birthday, so I get a chance to get drunk as all hell. Also the month of Martin Luther King, Jr. day. I notice that holiday didn't count much for any of you others... you racist bastards, you.

I was going to include November because of Thanksgiving, but because our football team always tends to be susceptible to loss during this month, it is on my blacklist.

Tory's Top 5:

1. November - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as my favorite past times include eating, resting and watching football, all of which happen on this day. Another thing is that many good movies seem to come out in November (06 - Tenacious D and the Fountain; 07 - There Will Be Blood and I believe the wider release of the Darjeeling Limited.) Also, cold weather starts coming.

2) July - My birthday month. Fantasy football sign ups and practice drafts.

3) September - Football begins. I love football and this month is when I am still hopeful about my fantasy team, as well as the Jags. The only time I can really feel secure in my premonition of a 12-4 season.

4) April - The draft is all that goes on in april. Other than that is' hot, and doesn't really deserve a spot on this list.

5) December - It's cold. There's Christmas. Vacations and time off also come packaged together with the holiday season, which makes good time for relaxing.

Honorable Mentions: January - the last bit of cold that is to come.

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