Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Top 5 Upcoming Lists

Tim's top 5:
1. Top 5 Side A, Track 1's - I find it utterly astounding we've yet to reach the list most prominently featured in the movie (aside from songs about death, which requires far more contemplation than our recent lists).

2. Top 5 Simpsons Lines - This list is absolutely essential, but it will be nigh on impossible, kind of like finding an opportunity to use the words "nigh on" in a sentence without sounding like you're nigh on fine British opium.

3. Top 5 Bands You Think You'd Be Into, But Don't Yet Own A Single Album From - This is really a list for people like me who have killed literally hours of their time refining's recommendations for me. That said, I don't think I have any interest in Iron & Wine...and Luchino Visconti's The Leopard is not a movie I'm going to buy sight unseen.

4. Top 5 Bad Jobs That Aren't Really That Bad - If you woke up tomorrow and found yourself with a high school diploma and maybe an attendance certificate from the DeVry Institute, what are the jobs totally within reach that you'd go for? A list I contemplate on a semi-hourly basis at my own place of employment.

5. Top 5 Lists You've Already Posted - There are plenty of lists on this blog I've already grown dissatisfied with, but for the sake of artistic integrity (and lack of time), I generally try to refrain from re-editing them to admit that Dan and Ryan both already mentioned the song or movie I was going to, only to have concluded decisively against it solely because I departed on a pointless Peter Jackson-length quest to conclude that there is in fact a better song performed by a eunuch choir from the 17th Century than "Contra Proferentum O Di Decorum Es Dulce de Leche." (Yes, 3 years of law school and this is the best I can feign of knowing Latin).

Ryan's Top Five

1. Top 5 Lists We've Done - Similar to Tim's #5, I've had this one in mind really since the beginning. I do want to get a good deal more done before we do it, though--but we can always return to it in time. Anyway, it's clear that some lists are better than others; e.g., Taco Bell items defeats, oh, I don't know, Top 5 Months (I was really bored that night).

2. Top 5 Songs About Space - Similar to the last few lists we've been doing, more closely linked to the animals list as you can't do a specific search in iTunes to find answers. I do feel a certain level of comfort knowing that I Am The Walrus is definitely one of the best two animal songs ever, and I want that feeling for The Final Frontier.

3. Top 5 Dream Jobs - Blatant thieving from High Fidelity, but, as Tim pointed out about some of the other lists, a good idea. It's only a matter of time before we do all the lists from High Fidelity...The songs about death one even sounds appealing.

4. Top 5 Guilty Pleasures: Movies, Music, TV Shows, Books, etc. - Self-explanatory, and can be applied to a limitless number of categories.

5. Top 5 Pieces of Furniture - So here's what happened. I was struggling to think of an inventive #5, so I swivelled around on the desk chair and looked at my living room. Which, you guessed it, contains furniture. You can thank me after we've done this list.

Dan's Top 5:
1. Top 5 Years in music - How does 1967 compare with 1994 when it comes to music released? This list will try to answer that and many other questions that are based on random comparison.

2. Top 5 Breakfast Cereal Mascots - I think this is self-explanatory.

3. Top 5 Simpsons Episodes - Perhaps a bit ambitious, and probably the one for which I am least qualified. I have not seen every Simpsons episode, unlike every other person on the planet.

4. Top 5 College Sports Moments - How good was that Boise State Fiesta Bowl thing last year? Good enough for this top 5?

5. Top 5 Television Theme Songs - Could be both instrumental and with lyrics. Probably going to be a good one.

Honorable Mention: Top 5 Onion Headlines

Tory's top 5:
1. Worst well-reviewed movies - Slightly different from overrated as that insinuates that the movies deserved some sort of acclaim, just not quite as much as they got. These films however fall into a category of the movie not deserving any of the acclaim whatsoever.

2. Current Favorite Bands - Not sure exactly how to classify this one, but the point of the list being the artists that as of late you have begun to get into and started buying up their albums ie Ryan & Muse.

3. Guitarists - This one is self explanatory, and it is up to you decide whether you base it on overall talent or writing ability.

4. Vocalists - Much like number three only with the voice instead of a guitar.

5. Commandments - Which ones were come up with when God was really really on the ball? They were all good, but some are just better than other forgettable ones - thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife.

Honorable Mention: Liquor, but I need to try more before I do this list.


The Monkey said...

Does anyone else think this would be a great way to kick off every new month? I think it serves as a great brainstorming session, and gives us at twenty new ideas (if everyone posts their top 5). Just a thought.

Vulpes Ryanis said...

Fine by me.